According to recently-released statistics, there has been a huge overall rise in security incidents in the last year, with the number of unique incidents increasing significantly in 2018. 

Many well-known organisations around the world suffered significant breaches - the single largest potential data leak in 2018 affected nearly 340 million personal information records. A worrying trend, which looks set to continue in 2019...

Concorde Cyber Security has been at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime for over 20 years, providing training of employees to ensure that preventable mistakes are kept to a minimum. Concorde also helps organisations by identifying possible security risks and suggesting practical ways in which your business can limit potential risks.

Concorde works alongside a range of businesses and organisations within both the public and private sector, helping to deliver professional information security solutions. Cyber-crime and security concerns are constantly changing - Concorde’s aim is to help companies stay one step ahead of the ever-present cyber threat

Offering a complete range of online security protection services, from quality firewall protection to encryption for enhanced data security., Concorde also provides email protection, designed to protect users from identity theft and password and banking scams, with advanced antivirus and phishing detection technology. 

Concorde can also install IP CCTV surveillance systems designed to connect directly into networks, and wireless systems that provide enterprise-grade high performance, secure and reliable wireless networks. Penetration testing can be conducted to assess the security of external networks, and server protection includes anti-ransomware, application whitelisting, and HIPS for centralised management of server security. 

Concorde also offers a consultancy service, including strategic knowledge and technical expertise to align businesses and technology objectives. Our endpoint solutions are able to block viruses and malware before the threat even arrives on your system. The Concorde mobile security service provides an industry-leading advanced detection system, to counter mobile malware. We can also provide access control to provide an audit trail and full documentation of user access. 

Our managed services provide a secure user experience, giving complete peace of mind with full end-to-end security, including remote network monitoring and management; a full data centre and cloud infrastructure environment; backup provision; and dedicated or syndicated service desk options, as well as onsite or remote support services.

Cyber-crime is now a fact of life, and cybercriminals who may target your business can have a devastating effect upon both organisations and their customers - it is essential for businesses and organisations to act swiftly, in order to counter the very real threat posed by cyber-crime.  

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