Mental health has increasingly become a critical topic of discussion in recent years, with a growing recognition of its impact on individuals and society as a whole.

Mental Health Awareness Week serves a critical opportunity for businesses to prioritise employee well-being, foster a support work environment, and champion mental health initiatives. By promoting open conversation, offering employee assistance programs, implementing flexible  work policies, providing training, and offering resources, business can play a significant role in destigmatising mental health. 

Join Concorde on Thursday 18th for 'Wear It Green Day' to help raise awareness for mental health. 

Wear it green is a symbolic event where individuals and organisations come together to raise awareness about mental health. It is a visual reminder of support for individuals struggling with mental heath challenges. Typically celebrated on a specific day, Wear It Green Day creates a platform to engage in conversations, break stigma, and encourage compassion and understanding. 

As more businesses support Wear It Green Day and Mental Health Week, we move closer to a world where mental well-being is priortised and where open conversation about mental health are the norm. Let us continue to embrace this special day, wear green with pride, and work together to support and uplift individuals who are navigating their mental health journeys.  


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