Enterprise-grade Back-up & Recovery for M365

Introducing MirrorVAULT365: The Ultimate Solution for M365 Data Backup and Recovery

Like many businesses, you've made the switch to Microsoft 365 for its powerful functionality and communication capabilities. The result? Improved productivity, cost savings, flexible remote access for your team, and increased employee engagement. But are you fully protected from data loss?

Microsoft 365 provides a wealth of features and ease of use, but it is not a data backup and recovery service. Microsoft guarantees only 90% of your data for 30 days, leaving your information vulnerable to various risks such as loss, theft, cyber-attacks, and more.

Here are the top five reasons why you need to back up your M365 data and the most common causes of data loss in the cloud:

  1. The Human Factor - Accidentally overwriting important data can happen to anyone. With a cloud backup solution, you can quickly recover original data in minutes.

  2. The Hackers - If you haven't experienced a cyber attack yet, it's just a matter of time. If you do fall victim to a ransom demand, a cloud backup solution can help you recover all your data in minutes.

  3. The Leaver - When an employee leaves the company, you may need to retrieve data from their Microsoft account. Microsoft only holds this information for 30 days after deactivating the account. With a cloud backup solution, you can easily recover all of the data, including emails, in minutes.

  4. The Rogue Employee - Although the majority of employees can be trusted with company data, rogue employees can cause harm after leaving. With a cloud backup solution, you can recover any maliciously deleted data.

  5. Miss-h(apps) - Third-party software can sometimes cause data loss by overwriting important information. With a cloud backup solution, you can recover any data that has been overwritten, including calendars.

Concorde Cloud Solutions offers MirrorVAULT365, a business continuity solution for Microsoft 365 that guarantees 100% of your data with unlimited volume and retention for as long as you need. MirrorVAULT365 is also separately backed up in the UK for added security.

If you're like most businesses, you can't guarantee that your security will never be breached, your employees will never make mistakes, or your apps will never malfunction. In that case, you need MirrorVAULT365 for Microsoft 365 to ensure your data is always protected.

Neil Roberts, CEO

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