There is an ongoing shift in Microsoft's strategy from Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to Azure Virtual Desktop. Are you prepared?

While Microsoft has not announced an end-of-support date for its Remote Desktop Services role for Windows Server, its demise looks increasingly likely. Even though RDS will remain supported until at least 2026, Microsoft is adding more licensing restrictions.

Remote desktop services have been a staple of Windows Server for many years, providing remote users with virtual or session-based desktops, Microsoft's focus is noticeably shifting towards AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop.


Limitation on support for Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise on Windows Server. 

RDS does not support multi-session Windows client editions, which are now only enabled on AVD. This restricts the ability for customers to host Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with fewer resources, potentially impacting efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

With Microsoft's focus shifting towards AVD, it is likely that future updates, enhancements,  and new features will primarily target the AVS platform. This could leave RDS users missing out on advancements and improvements in remote desktop technologies. 

Potential impact on you 

People using RDS for their remote desktop needs will need to rethink their remote access strategy as it could leave users missing out on advancements and improvements in remote desktop technologies which could include critical security enhancement to harden that technology estate. While RDS remains a visible solution until 2026, the limitations RDS has could impact its utility for businesses and may require organisation to reconsider their remote desktop strategies sooner rather than later. 

Secondly, the lack of multi-session support on RDS compared to AVD could lead to increased resource usage and potentially higher costs, especially for those businesses with many remote users. This could necessitate a revaluation of their infrastructure and cost management plans.

The transition from RDS to AVD will not be without challenges and is important your business has a plan in place and requires resources for migration, training and potential system overhaul. 

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