Premise-based phone systems have been the staple of all business communication for years, however, if you haven't begun the switch to the cloud-based phone system, now's the time to start as premise-based services won't be available for much longer.

All PSTN and ISDN phone networks will be switched to a fully digital network by 2025. Every phone call you take, make or transfer will now be routed over the internet. 

Should you switch to a hosted phone system?

Transitional phone systems limit mobility, tying you to your desk and restricting your organisation from working on the go. A hosted phone will get you to where you need to be with no costly hardware or missed call opportunities.

The digital transformation 

The world is becoming more digital every year. Hosted phone systems function from the cloud, meaning anytime you decide to expand your business online, your infrastructure will be able to handle it easily.  

Seamlessly implement new technology 

Setting up a new device on a physical phone system can be cumbersome, but with a hosted phone system, you can connect any device wirelessly and instantly. 

Work at peak capacity from ANYWHERE

Since 2020, remote work is now a staple of countless businesses. Having a setup in your home office is great, but a hosted phone system takes it a step further. With mobile integration, you can work in any location.  


Now is the time to futureproof your business and join the switchover movement to IP and cloud-based technology.

As part of Concorde Cloud Solutions,  we offer a VoLP telephone system that accelerates your digital transformation journey by saving costs, boosting productivity, and improving customer experience with a VoLP system.

At Concorde, we can help make the ISDN Switch effortless with minimal disruption to your operations. 

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