The effects of COVID-19 on small and large businesses all around the UK has been damaging to different degrees for many. 

Company development plans have largely been put on hold until further notice - departmental development, employee growth, service expansion and numerous other plans for growth now lie at the bottom of the priority list; unequivocally switched with business continuity plans and, for some, last ditch efforts to get back in the race.


New Mindset New Results Coloured Post-It'sDespite the expected problems many industries have been facing, businesses have also seen an unexpected change in their workforce - one which, for many, has been a positive development. 

Since working from home, thousands of employees across the country have seen a huge increase in their productivity. 

Coupled with a reduction in personal costs such as daily commutes and weekend amenities, employee satisfaction has seen a boom, and work ethic, team communication and overall productivity has promoted businesses to work better, faster and more efficiently.

In fact, in April this year, statistics released by the UK's Office for National Statistics showed that 49.2% of adults in employment were now working from home due to increased social distancing, and the response has been resoundingly positive. 

So how can businesses learn from this? 


There is no doubt that many organisations that subscribed to the tried and tested, traditional office environment, will now adopt a more flexible, hybrid routine with their teams.

Allowing more employees to work remotely, when necessary, has already shown itself as policy Z on the employee handbook, and revisions of team management and workflow is shifting to accommodate a more agile working environment.

To further this positive change, businesses are seeing more and more benefits of upgrading their technical practices, and integrating work procedures with online tools to support their teams and customers.


  • Upgrading your data storage will maximise technical availability and data efficiency. Concorde Technology Group’s highly robust and secure data storage solutions provide peace of mind that client and business data is safe and accessible to your teams, no matter where they are.
  • Ensuring your business’ technology infrastructure is running on fast, robust servers will support operational productivity; ultimately helping you drive business success. Concorde’s highly flexible and agile server solutions are built on forward-thinking technology and are suitable for all business types.
  • Providing your teams with business-suitable desktop and other user equipment can be the difference between business as usual, and reaping the benefits of their renewed work productivity. Concorde’s desktop and end user computing services are designed around you.
  • Ultimately, we’re not all experts in technology, and knowing what’s best for our teams is not as easy as picking tech off the shelf. Instead, ensuring you’re working efficiently and securely whilst remote requires technical consultation. Concorde’s business process consultation services are the ‘best of breed’ in technical advice, and we’ll guide you though assessment, to planning, installation and service advice via an integrated IT service desk and customer support hub.
  • Keep your teams moving with better virtual communication. Concorde Technology Group’s video conferencing solutions allow you to collaborate without disruption. We’re partnered with world leaders Cisco and Microsoft, offering peace of mind that your new solution will be robust and reliable.


Developer checking her mobile while on a Macbook in a coffee shop.Ultimately, the effects of COVID-19 seem to be here to stay, and businesses have been forced to learn from and adapt to the “new normal”. 

Adopting flexible working policies within your teams will rely on the stability and reliability of your technical infrastructure, and Concorde Technology Group has the experience, expertise and manpower to ensure you succeed.

For more information regarding remote communication and how Concorde Technology can support you upgrading your technical practices, contact a member of our expert team today on 03331 300600 or email us at

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