National Inclusion Week stands as a dedicated occasion for celebrating and actively fostering inclusive environments within the workplace. This week offers a unique opportunity for all of us to engage in the activity of inclusion and empower our colleagues to take meaningful action, thereby effecting positive change.

This year, the theme is 'Take Action Make Impact', a call to action for everyone. This theme underscores the imperative of adopting an action-oriented approach to inclusion. It emphasises that inclusion demands immediate, tangible steps that will resonate into the future, shaping a more inclusive landscape.

Improving a diverse and inclusive workplace not only copies a distinctive organisational culture but also harnesses the rich skills and life experience of all employees. At Concorde Technology Group, we remain constant in our commitment to embedding principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout our business.

It is a passion, driven by our CEO Neil Roberts, who encourages an increasingly diverse workforce year after year.

'Our workplace ethos is based on making everyone feel valued and appreciated and we believe awareness comes best received from our people, so we encourage colleagues to share their stories to raise and offer support.'

This week, Concorde will be taking part in one of the National Inclusion Daily tasks and encouraging our employees to empower fellow colleagues through recognition and acknowledging small everyday acts of kindness or larger actions of change across the organsation. 

While it is important to acknowledge that inclusion and diversity are not efforts confined to just one week of the year, it's important to carve out dedicated time as a business to raise awareness and champion change.


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