With over 30 years’ experience in the IT sector, Concorde Technology Group has a rich and illustrious history. From its beginnings in 1985, Concorde has grown to become a national provider of technology services, solutions and support to clients across the UK.

The Year that was...

2018 represented a year of significant milestones and achievements in the history of Concorde

Following a period of extensive planning and preparation, Concorde underwent its biggest phase of growth in the Group’s history, whilst investing in its team, infrastructure, and service offerings.

2018 saw the restructuring of the Group’s service offering into 4 core business functions and the rollout of a comprehensive marketing and brand development strategy. Concorde also made significant investments in its infrastructure, including new office space, vehicles and a range of other resources. 

To support these developments, Concorde has brought together a group of talented individuals - technology experts and leaders in their field that share the Group “behaviours” - who can deliver digital experiences and services that transform businesses.

Concorde increased its headcount by 30%, with the appointment of a number of talented, ambitious individuals to the operations, technical support and marketing teams. 

‘2018 was a significant year for the Group,’ comments Neil Roberts, Concorde Technology Group’s CEO. ‘We were able to invest significantly in our infrastructure and our team, which will ensure that Concorde can continue to evolve, and remain an industry leader in the ever-developing technology sector.’ 

Further developments are planned for 2019, and a number of staff have already been appointed to the Sales, Business Development and Purchasing teams, including:

  • Rheanne Carey – Business Development Executive
  • Pete Hulme – Purchasing Manager
  • Catherine Brown – Sales Administrator


The Future...

Following a year in which its ambitious plans came to fruition, Concorde has cemented its position as an industry leader in technology services, solutions and support. 

The journey doesn’t end there, however... 

Through a shared passion for technology and problem-solving, Concorde will continue to evolve in 2019, embracing new technologies, whilst remaining to true to its core principles - delivering responsible business commitments, and working to the highest quality standards. 

‘The dust has settled on 2018, and 2019 is set to be another big year,’ continues Neil. ‘We’ve welcomed a number of talented and ambitious individuals to Team Concorde, which, combined with a series of other exciting developments, will see us go from strength to strength.’

For more information regarding Concorde Technology Group’s services and ongoing developments, contact enquiries@tctg.co.uk or visit www.tctg.co.uk.

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