Looking forward to celebrating the holiday season? As you daydream about entering the airport to start your family vacation, hackers are dreaming about how to break into your environment.

In this increasingly complex and dangerous digital landscape, the summer season represents an attractive moment in which hackers often intend to conduct cyber-attacks. At Concorde Technology Group, we want you to enjoy your family trip safely. Here are 6 tips to stay cyber safe before, during, and after your holiday vacation.


1) Shut down your devices that are not in use during your holiday

When your device is on, It is also online, therefore, it is open to an attack. Turn off all devices that will not be in use throughout your trip.

2) Keep your devices secure if they are going away with you

Never leave equipment in a public place. Keep devices secure in environments such as airports, hotels, and restaurants.

3) Multi-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication to ensure only you have access to your information and accounts. Use this for things like banking and social media.

4) Turn off auto-connect

Some devices automatically seek and connect to available wireless networks or Bluetooth. Criminals take advantage of this feature to gain authorised access to your device and data. Disable this feature to gain and actively choose the networks you wish to connect to.

5) Watch out for booking scams

Be sure to use reputable booking sites when making travel plans and purchases. Watch for scams such as those offering free travel giveaways for liking or sharing a page.

6) Unprotected Wi-Fi

When possible, avoid using open Wi-Fi networks. If necessary, use it for basic browsing and avoid entering sensitive data such as banking information. Avoid accessing your corporate email from public networks without the right protection. Your hotel or holiday apartment probably has a public Wi-Fi network. 


You might be on holiday but cyber criminals won’t be, they never are. By following these tips and being a cyber-safe traveler, you will have a smoother and more enjoyable vacation.

Relax, log off, and don’t forget to send us a postcard.

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