Today, Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage that is preventing OneDrive customers from accessing the cloud file hosting service worldwide due to a series of disruption of service attacks.

Users who are trying to open the OneDrive website are currently seeing "sorry, an error has occurred" and "this page isn't working right now" error messages . 

While Microsoft has not provided any details on what is causing the outage, today's incident was claimed by hacktivists known as anonymous Sudan, who some believe are linked to Russia. 

The impact of OneDrive Outages 

During the period of downtime, users encountered difficulties accessing their files and experienced synchronisation issues across various devices. For those heavily reliant on OneDrive for storing important documents and files, this disruption was more than an inconvenience as it posed a potential risk to their workflow and productivity.

This incident highlights the vulnerability of cloud storage services and serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing a reliable backup solution and how vulnerable 365 data truly is. Microsoft does not back up the data held within it; organisations worldwide are risking data loss and have the responsibility for securing and safeguarding their data.

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