The Power of Teamwork

We all know that for any organisation to be successful, staff need to pull together as a team. 

Scheduling calls and meetings can often be a nightmare, and communicating by email can be time-consuming, as well as frustrating - especially when you have a never-ending list of emails, all requiring immediate attention. 

For a business to flourish, staff need to be able to communicate quickly and easily. Whilst we all know the value of face-to-face meetings, these are not always possible. 

This is where Microsoft Teams can come in.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new service available as part of Microsoft Office 365. It is intended to facilitate and streamline communications within and between organisations.

The beauty of Microsoft Teams is that it merges Office 365 services into an easily accessible user interface. Users can set up Teams, which are called Channels. Channels are essentially group chat rooms. 

Multiple Channels can be set up within a Team. Users are notified of updates and chats are easily followed, as communications are threaded and flow from top to bottom. As this service is totally integrated, users who find they may need to speak in-person to a colleague can simply click to transfer to Skype voice or video chats.

Document Sharing

Microsoft Teams allows documents to be shared within a team so that contributors can edit documents in 'real-time'. 

Documents are all safely stored in Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage as well as in a local SharePoint environment so that each team member can always access the latest version of a shared document. 

This means that personnel can always have instant access to spreadsheets instead of having to wait for colleagues to email them the latest version before adding their input.

Fully integrated

Microsoft is expecting existing users of Skype for Business to begin switching to Microsoft Teams and they are also looking at making it easier to work across different organisations in the not too distant future.

Microsoft Teams is available for all subscribers to Business Essentials, Business Premium and E1, E3 and E5 plan users. 

Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with other Microsoft Office products including Excel and Word as well as sharing services, such as Sharepoint. Team Channels can use Connectors to access other outside services such as GitHub, Salesforce and MailChimp.

Delve, Power Bi, Planner, OneNote and PowerPoint are also fully integrated.

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