Purchasing a new computer is a big investment. Many small businesses and home PC owners end up struggling with older systems because they want to get as many years out of them as possible.

Have you found yourself banging on your keyboard in frustration? Have you tried every tip and trick you found online, only to still struggle with a slow PC?

There are some promising upgrades you can do that will cost much less than the price of a new computer while making your PC feel like new again.

Here are some of the options you can try to improve the performance of an older computer.

  • Upgrade to a solid-state drive

Prices for solid-state drives have come down in the past few years, making them an affordable upgrade that can breathe life back into an older PC that might be slowing down. Unlike hard disk drives, SSDs do not have any moving parts and use a flash memory that allows for a quicker response time. You can improve your time to boot and your experience when searching files, opening applications, and other activities.

  • Increase your memory

One upgrade that is very low-cost and can mean a significant increase in performance is a memory upgrade. If your PC was one of the cheaper ones that only had 4GB of RAM, you likely have trouble opening too many tabs in your browser or using any graphic-heavy programs.

  • Replace your PC cooling system

Heat is an enemy of your computer’s internal parts. If your cooling system is getting worn out and not working the way it should, then excess heat can be building up inside your device. When this happens things can get strange, with programs crashing or your system rebooting on its own. If you suspect excess heat may be an issue, have your computer’s fan and cooling system checked out to see if it needs replacing.

  • Replace your keyboard

Older keys can stick, break and have the writing rubbed off the keys, making it more difficult to tell a ‘prt screen’ from a ‘delete’ button. If the performance of your PC is hampered by a frustrating keyboard, an upgrade can be a very inexpensive way to improve your experience.

  • Get an external hard drive

Computers can slow down and be more difficult to use when the hard drive fills up with data. Over the years, files build up, and many users never take the time to go through and delete those that are unnecessary. Buying an external hard drive can allow you to offload files that may be slowing you down while keeping them easily accessible.

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